First Unitarian Church of Baltimore is a community for everybody. The Unitarian Universalist Church is based on 7 principles, whose values include: respect, justice, equity, compassion, acceptance, peace, and community (https://www.uua.org/beliefs/what-we-believe/principles). This summer, First Unitarian adopted the 8th principle, that strives to dismantle racism inside and outside of the congregation. Overall, members of First U are particularly passionate about social justice and music. Members enjoy tending a beautiful garden they created from a former abandoned lot for a Baltimore non-profit; tutoring and collecting supplies for students from a Baltimore City public school; making casseroles for the homeless; and hosting A Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity (ADORE) events regarding racial justice. They also love listening to the grand historic organ, hearing the powerful tenor voice of Rev. David Carl Olson, and singing together in person and virtually. In addition, the church has hosted an annual chamber concert featuring Peabody’s Institute’s students and faculty, since 2009. 

To support Nina Feliciano, a member of the Vibes and also First U, and to introduce a new genre of music to the church, the congregation invited The GW Vibes to hold a concert at their venue. Since The GW Vibes also prioritizes music and social justice, they are also glad to perform. By attending this concert, your contribution will support a congregation that is not only dedicated to creating a better community for those inside the church and the greater Baltimore community, but also strongly values the arts.